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I Won't Cheat

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I Won't Cheat Foundation program overview

IWC provides schools, youth sports leagues, and summer camps with a character education program designed to confront the growing epidemic of dishonesty that permeates society. Through this program/curriculum, kids make a pledge (receive a certificate) not to cheat in sports, school or life; thereby helping them to feel good about their best effort-win or lose. In other words - Character Matters Most.

This is an ethics based solution to the problem that people can cheat at almost anything if they want to. The measurable success of this program results in millions of kids who will be better students, athletes, employers, employees and future parents. This step by step approach is working to change the culture of cheating.

Visit: http://www.iwontcheat.com


IWC is a 501 (c) (3) public charity since 2006


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Injecting Ethics into America's Future